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Morse Code CW in South AB

For those that are interested in learning or brushing up their Morse Code skills I am proposing a very INFORMAL gathering of interested people to practice sending and receiving CW on air.  Here’s what I propose:

My thoughts – are we try for around a 9:00 PM time frame maybe a few times a week.   That way those with little ones can have them tucked away and can concentrate.  As all so far have HF I’d suggest meeting there for the CW and also on 145.210 VE6AAH for any questions etc. during the CW. For those newbies that might want to participate but do not have access can use an SDR at VE6JY for example at http://kiwisdr.ve6slp.ca:8173.  This would supplement any individual learning and practice.  (I STRESS that you will need to commit time to learn as this is a whole new language.)

MY Theory – we have VE6AAH 145.210 for Voice communications and here we can give a hint what we are doing etc. and if anyone has questions or comments – they can use VHF voice until they feel confident enough to go 100% CW.

Handy Links for Code
Morse Code Trainer for your PC that you can customize to your learning skills http://www.g4fon.net/CW%20Trainer.htm

Here’s a link on Q Codes that when doing CW some of these will be VERY important  https://www.qsl.net/w5www/qcode.html
You will also find some operators use  CW Slang or abreviations – here’s a link on those   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morse_code_abbreviations
ARRL provides code practice broadcasts on the HF bands daily except on weekends http://www.arrl.org/code-practice-qst-source  http://www.arrl.org/code-transmissions
100 Common QSO words @15WPM
Top 100 words in Morse Code @20WPM