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Interesting Links

Check out these cool webpages I found, lots of great information!

Gearing Up for HAM Radio

So what DO you choose?  What does it cost? Oh if there were only those answers!!!  Do your research - ask a local HAM operator. Here's some links for the BIG 3 manufacturers Yaesu https://www.yaesu.com/ Icom http://www.icomcanada.com/...

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Mobile HF Antennas for HAM Radio

I have been looking for mobile HF antennas - here's some of the links I have seen Scorpion antennas https://www.scorpionantennas.com/ Tarheel Antennas http://www.tarheelantennas.com/mobile_antennas Outbacker Antennas http://www.outbackerantennas.com/...

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Mobile HF Radio Operation

Yes you Can actually operate HF Mobile! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Clement VE6AB in https://www.jerryclement.ca/HamRadio/HamRadio/ It's the most AMAZING mobile station I have EVER seen.  

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IRF Observatory

From the Swedish Institute of Space physics, the IRF Observatory provides you with real-time magnetometers from multiple locations in Sweden.  They provide the data in easy to read graphs so you can visually see the normal or quiet state of the magnetic...

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Space Weather Prediction Center

The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC.noaa.gov) site from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, provides tons of useful data about all things space weather.  A visually easy to read website featuring plenty of maps, graphs, and charts,...

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A very cool website, SpaceWeatherLive.com tracks global geometric activity and provides a real-time map of the auroral oval.  It gives great information on when, where and how best to see the aurora, as well as measuring the electrons and protons carried...

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