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Interesting Links

Check out these cool webpages I found, lots of great information!


RTL-SDR is an inexpensive USB dongle that can be used as a computer based radio scanner for receiving radio signals in your area.  The affordability ($25) of the dongle has allowed even hobbyists on a budget to access the radio spectrum.  There is a ton of...

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Google Maps APRS

One of the most entertaining links to showcase is the Google Maps APRS site.  APRS or Automatic Packet Reporting System lets you track HAM operators by their call sign.  You can enter a call sign or city for a locator, find who you're looking for and track...

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The Southern Alberta Amateur Radio Club is a club built around support and encouragement of everything HAM.  They can help you become a new HAM operator, set up and configure your antennas, repair your radio, or even plan events.  Between their field day...

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Radio Amateurs of Canada

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) is a nationwide non-profit organization that represents HAM radio operators across Canada.  They are the liaison between HAM operators and government entities, industry leaders, and the Canadian voting member of the...

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Remote Rig Operations for HAM Radio

Remote Hams http://www.remotehams.com/ Ham Radio Deluxe https://www.hamradiodeluxe.com/features/rigcontrol/ Icom http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur/hf/rsba1/default.aspx Remote Rig http://www.remoterig.com/wp/ TRX-Manager http://www.trx-manager.com/...

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Facebook Groups

South Alberta Amateur ( HAM ) Radio https://www.facebook.com/groups/354985701534025/?ref=bookmarks Facebook - Ham Operators https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamops/?ref=group_header Faacebook - Ham Radio https://www.facebook.com/groups/12699105116/?ref=group_header...

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